Instant login without reloading the page

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Awesome Features of Free Magento 2 Ajax Login

Take a look at some of these features that makes the Magento 2 Ajax Login so unique. We worked hard to make a product that will stand out of the crowd.

  • Login without reloading the page

    Interact with elegant popups. No need for page reloading! Login in few seconds

  • Instant login via social accounts

    Be free to login via 3 popular social network accounts: Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

  • Easily create new account & reset password

    Manipulate quickly and absolutely through popups

  • Optional destination page after login

    Customer Dashboard, Homepage, Cart Page, Wishlist Page, Stay in the Current Page

  • Auto send email for password update

    An email will be sent to customers’ inbox when they log in via social accounts

  • Multiple popup transition effects

    Choose an appropriate effect among Slide, Fade, Show,…

Want to possess this great Magento extension?

Customized Popup Design and Effects

Let’s create nice popups that match your store’s theme and style. From color of title, color of background, animation to slide animation, all depend on your choice!


Feel the speed, the smoothness and the convenience that these popups bring about – instead of annoying and repeating page reloadings!

Best Free Magento 2 Login Extension, Ever

The FREE Magento 2 Ajax Login is undoubtedly a must-have extension for any Magento e-commerce stores. This will indirectly stimulate customers’ buying by giving them the best experience when visiting your store. Don’t forget, it costs you $0.00 but might bring back an incredible amount of money!

  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • No cost
  • Free support


This amazing extension is available now exclusively on Tigren Magento Store

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  • Since the Magento 2 Ajax Login Extension is free so I didn't hesitate to give it a try, and it didn't make me disappointed. The number of customers logging to my store is increasing significantly, giving me a better customer database.

    Paul Thomas
  • Most of my customers are joining social networks, especially Facebook. Therefore, the Free Magento 2 Ajax Login extension helps our visitors to log in to my site more easily. Thanks for making such an amazing free product for Magento 2! Works great!

    Austin Stewart
  • It is too great for a free extension! I found that some similar extensions from other providers are much more expensive but even not as great as this Magento 2 Ajax Login extension! Highly recommended!

    Jackson Thompson